Sunday 1 April 2012

Gallé design new website for Fabergé

Gallé design website for Fabergé, the iconic jewellery brand.

The new Fabergé website was designed to focus on good brand immersion and storytelling rather than bells and whistles. Fabergé is a brand with an incredible history, a rich iconographic tapestry rooted in Russian folk tales, 19th century royalty and artistocracy, impressionist art, modern art, ballet, all of which ended up being weaved into beautiful, elegant illustrations and photography, combined with a website design that was simple, structured and easy to understand. With this kind of imagery and story, there is no need for Flash animation or special effects, just deep research and authentic expression of brand values, combined with disciplined, simple and uncomplicated graphic design. It took us quite a while finding an illustrator who really got this balance of feminine grace and depth of iconography, but the result was certainly worth it, as the beauty of the jewels is complemented by their historic context. The new Fabergé website was a joy to design because it was a journey of discovery and deeper understanding of what authentic luxury is all about..